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The brand for art jigsaw puzzles... and much, much more!

GrafikaGrafika was created during the summer of 2013. As no puzzle manufacturer proposed accessories for larger puzzles at that time, we first created a jigroll for up to 6.000 pieces, which was a novelty on the European puzzle market. This was soon followed by jigrolls for puzzles with 1.000, 2.000 and 4.000 pieces. The next step was the development of puzzle glue sheets that were an immediate success.

A few months later, a puzzle manufacturer specializing in art puzzles disappeared once again. This got us thinking about the creation of a puzzle brand able to propose a large range of art puzzles, both for adults and children – and in the long term!

GrafikaOur first puzzle came into stock on 1st November 2014. Just a year later, our range already included over 1.000 products: between Brughel and Van Gogh, Monet and Manet, or even Klimt, Offterdinger, Vermeer and Dürer, more than 100 artists became available. The world's largest range of art puzzles was born. In 2015, we started to add well known contemporary artists to our range. Our first major partner was British artist Josephine Wall, a household name in the world of colourful small pieces. Next we started to work with Spanish artist Cris Ortega Grafika and her charming gothic ladies. She was followed by two French artists: François Ruyer who creates humorous cartoon witches for adults and children and Misstigri who creates scantily-clad Asian ladies. Today, about a dozen artists from France, Europe and the US entrust their works to us, and we cut them up into puzzles of up to 4.000 pieces.

At the same time, we launched the “Grafika Kids” range for younger puzzlers. You need the Mona Lisa in 12, 24 or 100 pieces? Grafika Kids has them! Thanks to our range of several thousand puzzles, children can be introduced to art from a young age.

 Travel around the World
On to the world record!
Ever since the early 2000s, two puzzle manufacturers had the market for the largest puzzle cornered and regularly broke each others records. Now, Grafika's creators wanted to join their game. At that time, the largest existing puzzle had 40.320 pieces. Grafika's “Travel around the World” first came into stock on 5th September 2017 – with exactly 48.000 pieces! A new world record! By now, more than 500 copies of this puzzle have been produced and assembled by puzzlers from all over the world.

In late 2017, Grafika already has two records to its name: the largest number of puzzles, thanks to more than 5.000 available articles, and the puzzle with the highest piece count and truly extravagant dimensions: 7,69 x 2,04 m!

In late 2019, we decided to concentrate on the production of puzzles and pass the baton for our range of accessories to our sister brand “Jig & Puz”.

In late 2019, Grafika's range comprises 5.400 articles, of which more than 2.000 are Grafika Kids' art puzzles for children.

In 2020, Grafika thinks big again! Our world record is beaten by our new puzzle "Travel around Art" with its 54.000 pieces.

To be continued...

Grafika: The brand for art jigsaw puzzles.



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